The Pad Ball is a single strike pad held by both hands. its ideal for boxing or any combat sports. The patented design has been made to resemble a human head with multiple striking surfaces so can be hit with any combination of jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts as well as kicks, knees and elbows without the holder having to constantly re position the pad or call out the combinations, this allows for faster more fluid routines that is set by the fighter/client. The pad ball allows the coach/trainer to move in and out of range encouraging the fighter/client to use foot work and timing which helps establish range and distance, which also adds to the demands of the work out or training session. Its great for all ages and encourages everyone to get moving. The pad ball has been designed to significantly lesson the amount of impact on the holders arms and shoulders. making it much more comfortable to use all day with your client or fighter. To order please go to amazon.co.uk and type in code B082BCMCVH please be aware its a zero not the letter o at the beginning . the padball is on offer at the moment at £45.99 .